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Lab Information System with Automatic Requisitions

Is there anything more time consuming than having to fill out a lab requisition? Clinical studies have shown that it can take up to 3 minutes to hand write a lab requisition. In a 40 – 50 patient practice, this can mean over 2 hours daily wasted on hand writing requisitions. Max Systems Inc. now offers a comprehensive lab information system (“LIS”) with automatic requisitions as part of MaxGold7. We currently offer various lab tables including;

  • Central Medical Labs (Winnipeg)
  • Lakewood Labs (Winnipeg)
  • Trainor Labs (Winnipeg)

Many more are being added as clients request it. Our LIS can save your clinic significant time and greatly enhance your practice. How?

  • Our lab information system (“LIS”) keeps a track of each patient’s lab history on line. When a patient shows up on their visit you can review their complete lab tests and even focus on particular lab tests (ie; glucose levels) over multiple visits in seconds.
  • The LIS can produce and print a requisition in under 5 seconds. You can create your own testing profiles using our comprehensive tables and then order from your own lab test profiles. Requisitions print exact lab requisition replicas on plain paper.
  • Requisitions are all printed in legible format. No more phone calls from labs to verify your requisition.
  • Reduced hand writing fatigue.
  • You can input lab results directly into patient charts or receive lab results electronically!!! You can even filter your lab results so that only abnormal results show up for review in your INBOX.
  • Get alerts on any unfilled lab requisitions after a specified number of days. Enhances your practice management.

Our prescription has been clinically proven to save up to 120 minutes a day (based on a 50 – 60 patient load). This reduces waiting times for your patients or leaves you open to book additional patients who would otherwise wait until the next day.

Call us today at 204-786-1460 ext 210 or email us at and find out how you can get MSI Lab Information System today!!!!



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