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Prescription system with faxing

Max Systems Inc. now offers a comprehensive electronic prescription system as part of MaxGold7. We offer various medication tables including;

  • Generic Drugs (Canada)
  • Generic Drugs (USA)
  • US Comprehensive Medications Table

Using electronic prescriptions is easy and will save you significant time. How?

  • Our prescription system (ďMSIĒ) keeps a track of each patientís active medications and keeps all prescription history on line. When a patient shows up on their visit you can review their active medications and prescription history in seconds.
  • The MSI prescription system can print or fax a prescription. You can produce a refill prescription (renewal) in seconds. Instead of handwriting a prescription, which can be quite time consuming especially for longer lists of active medications, you simply select the medication from our table or indicate you want to renew a previous prescription(s).
  • Prescriptions are all printed or faxed in legible format. No more phone calls from pharmacists to verify your prescription
  • Reduced hand writing fatigue
  • You can fax your prescription directly from your computer (using Symantec WinFax Pro 10.2) to a list of pharmacies for pick up or delivery. This is also very convenient for your patients who donít have to arrive with a printed prescription and then have to wait while itís filled. With delivery options available, patients can have their prescriptions delivered to their home or work.

Our prescription has been clinically proven to save up to 30 minutes a day (based on a 50 Ė 60 patient load). This reduces waiting times for your patients or leaves you open to book additional patients who would otherwise wait until the next day.

Call us today at 204-786-1460 ext 210 or email us at and find out how you can get MSI Prescriptions today!!!!



Contact us!
Ph: (204) 786-1460 (ext 210)
Fax: (204) 786-1522

Dealer inquiries welcome!

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