The complete Chiropractic & Integrated Clinic Management Software


DCMAX is a Canadian Chiropractic Office Software Platform

DCMAX is available for all provinces in Canada.

DCMAX is one of Canada’s most widely used software program for chiropractors and integrated clinics. It offers dynamic features such as self check in systems, real time on-line scheduling and wireless electronic charting using tablets.

DCMAX has a powerful and dynamic scheduling system to organize your appointments with daily, weekly, monthly and multiple room views. You can book multiple appointments with a simple click of the mouse. You can even schedule entire families at one time.

DCMAX Patient scheduling at the click of your mouse lets you:

DCMAX offers a self check in system for patients using touch screen technology. This is a game changer for busy clinics.

DCMAX boasts a complete billing system including electronic healthcare billings, auto billings, WCB, insurance billings, 3rd Party and private billing for both services and inventory with complete inventory control.

DCMAX has a recall system tracks patients due for follow up or overdue appointments. Makes it easy to keep track of your patients.

DCMAX offers powerful on-line scheduling for patients in real time. Allows your patients to book their own appointments at any time and any day. The on-line scheduling allows you to set the rules and limits for on-line scheduling.

DCMAX offers both email and text messaging for appointment reminders, birthdays, recalls and more.

DCMAX offers one of the most powerful and effective electronic charting systems in the business. It is wireless and can be operated with tablets. No need for expensive network systems and high hardware costs. No need to replace workstations.

DCMAX EMR includes powerful image management for scanned documents and electronic faxes. You can scan documents directly to patient EMR and attach files. Quick access to view all patient scanned and attached documents.