MaxGold Medical Clinic Software

Has the features you are looking for to make your medical practice run efficiently


MaxGold is a Leading Canadian Medical Clinic Software Solution

MaxGold has versions for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Certified Electronic Medical Records 'EMR'

MaxGold is easy to learn and will automate many of your routine tasks. Use our voice dictation feature to make your charting tasks effortless. Uses Dragon Medical to directly dictate your chart notes, letters and more.

MaxGold includes multiple forms including SOAP Notes with Vitals, Letters, Long and Short Physical Templates. Vitals includes complete historical blood pressure, temperature, height, weight, Waist and Skull circumference. Automated BMI calculator displays body mass index and indicates risk.

MaxGold has automated lab requisitions and supports electronic lab results. Lab results can be trended with powerful graphic view detailing how specific lab results are going. Lab results are delivered electronically to your Inbox system for review and approval. You can order multiple lab tests with user defined groups.

MaxGold includes powerful image management for scanned documents and electronic faxes. You can scan documents directly to patient EMR and attach files. Quick access to view all patient scanned and attached documents.

MaxGold has a complete electronic prescription system and tracks active medications with one click refills. Complete Rx history. The prescription system includes drug formulary and Health Canada Drug Database. Our prescription system has a complete list of pharmacies with fax and phone details. You can fax your prescriptions directly out of MaxGold and manage pharmacies. Includes ability to flag patient’s favourite pharmacy for quick fax outs.

MaxGold tracks allergies, past surgeries, medical history, risk factors and family risk factors. Complete PCQI form that tracks immunizations, cancer screen dates, smoking status, mental health form with GAD-7 and PHQ-9 test date tracking, Osteoporosis form, Hypertension tracking, Diabetes, CAD and CHF.

MaxGold includes multiple forms including the Pre-Natal form and user defined forms as well as over 40 drug patient support program forms using our MaxForms system.

MaxGold includes the Physician Inbox that collects electronic lab results and radiology exams, tracks unfilled lab requisitions and radiology requisitions. Also tracks referral letters, scanned documents and telephone calls with the MaxGold Telephone Call log. 

Patient scheduling with daily, weekly, monthly, calendar and multiple practitioner views

MaxGold boasts one of the industry’s best scheduling system that not only allows staff to efficiently book appointments in the office but also integrates in real time with the MaxGold Online Patient Scheduling that allows your patients to securely book their own appointment online and even retrieve their lab results! The on-line scheduling allows you to set the rules and limits for on-line scheduling.

MaxGold scheduling has powerful features such a booking multiple appointments for a patient, find future appointments quickly find open time slots and simple rescheduling.

MaxGold scheduling includes an automated wait list so patients needing to see you faster can go on a wait list should a cancellation occur. Also includes a powerful recall system that tracks patients that need to be booked. The recall works with your EMR so the Physician can send a recall request to reception electronically to book a specific patient.

MaxGold scheduling tracks appointment status and retains appointment statistics and all appointment history.

Patient scheduling at the click of your mouse. Max-Gold lets you:

Voice dictation using Dragon Medical Professional

MaxGold allows direct voice dictation using Dragon Medical Professional. Dictate direct to all functions including letters and the complete EMR.

Electronic Medical Billing

MaxGold features the gold standard for healthcare billings. Handles all aspects of electronic billing, including submissions, remittances, reconciliation and re-submissions.

MaxGold billings offers multiple features not available in other software such as user defined hot keys to automate your most common bill codes, automated Query forms that can create, print and save your queries. Keyword searches for ICD codes using descriptions. Automated office visit bill codes and complete physicals.

Automatic forms and letters

MaxGold has built in letters and can merge letters with MS-Word. All letters are saved and stored within your EMR. You can automatically fax your letters right out of MaxGold. Can also carbon copy letters to multiple recipients.

MaxGold has built up dozens on forms to automate your clinic including requisitions, slating, diagnostic and even prescription patient support program forms. Complex forms such as the multi page Pre-Natal form is included.

In addition to multiple built in forms, MaxGold offers a built in editor with ability to customize and create your own forms.

Private billings with Inventory control

MaxGold also includes a separate private billing system with its own inventory and services bill codes and a complete reporting system for private billings. Support 3rd party, insurance billings and split billings.