Document Digitizing and Patient Records Management for Medical Clinics


Too Much Paper in Your Office?

Is your office clogged with paperwork and charts?

Do you want to get rid of the paper charts?

We now offer a scanning service where we not only pick up your charts and scan them, but we also offer a shredding service to dispose of the charts afterwards.

Document Digitizing and Patient Records Management Solutions

This Service is available for Medical Clinics in Winnipeg, Manitoba and area.

Whether you are digitizing your documents and records to go paperless or you are retiring your practice, we can help.

In addition to digitizing your documents, Max Systems Inc also offer patient records management whereby we can distribute charts to patients on your behalf.

We are Manitoba’s document scanning service. We scan your paper files & documents to CD’s, Hard Drive or DVD. Whether it’s medical patient charts, law documents, insurance files or small business files, we scan your documents to preserve the originals, improve retrieval times and provide side by side access to paperless files in the electronic office environment.

With Max Systems Inc, we have you covered. We pick up your documents and scan them to your requirements. Your paper documents can be returned to you in the condition they were picked up or we can have them shredded for your convenience. We can even provide you with a convenient viewer utility so you can quickly retrieve and view your newly scanned documents.

We scan your paper files & documents to: