MAX-OR operating room scheduling software is a proven software solution that provides powerful operating room scheduling solutions at a price that meets small and rural hospital budgets or even departmental budgets at larger hospitals.


MAX-OR is a Powerful Operating Room Scheduling Management Solution

MAX-OR has been developed for use in all countries.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Multi-Room View

Offers multi-room view, individual room detailed view by day, weekly view and monthly view for operating rooms MAX-OR operating room scheduling software offers multiple ways to look at and book your surgeries with daily, weekly, monthly views. We also include a powerful user defined multi-room view. All views utilize simple and natural point and click technology.

Assign Staff to Scheduled Surgeries

MAX-OR allows you to assign staff to a booked surgery. You can assign an unlimited number of staff including surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, assistants and more. You can have any number of staff, including the option to have staff schedules for each individual staff member.

Supports Multiple Reasons

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software lets you book a patient for multiple reasons (multiple surgeries) for any patient. When booking two or more appointments for a patient MAX-OR will accumulate the duration of all appointment reasons automatically.

Search for Appointment by Surgeon

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software allows you to find available open time slot by a specified surgeon or surgeons. This function only works if you utilize the staff scheduling components. It looks for available time slot based on required duration as dictated by the appointment reason(s) and the specific surgeon that you are looking to book. Surgeon(s) being looked for will display in their colors. The Find Surgeon function allows for user preferences such as time range, specific date and date range.

Surgeon's Block Scheduling

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software lets you set up surgeons schedules using our advanced block time scheduling tools. Block times appear has coloured blocks or segments on the scheduler in all scheduler views.

Staff Scheduling

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software has staff scheduling available. You can create any number of schedules for any number of staff. The surgeons can be blocked and can utilize color codes for easy visual access to surgeons block times. Staff schedules can be over length of time.

User Defined Requirements for Surgical Procedures

MAX-OR lets you link your appointment reasons to procedures (surgeries) if using the procedures/inventory component. By linking appointment reason to a defined procedure you can assign operating room requirements based on the appointment reason including duration, prep time, required staff, required inventory, instruments and equipment.

Customized Surgical Procedures

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software has a complete procedures table where you can define the OR requirements for any procedure. The procedures are linked to the appointment reason able so that when a surgery is booked the requirements are assigned.

Inventory Management System

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software offers a complete inventory table (part of the inventory components) that includes inventory management by location, purchase order system, order receiving and inventory count. Our inventory system depletes inventory when consumed during a procedure, tracks costs on inventory and even supports bar codes.

Expense Reports

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software software allows you to assign costs to staff, facility overhead, equipment, instruments as well as inventory. Costs are then tallied on all surgeries so that profit margins and job costs can be determined. Our powerful reporting can determine job costing for a single surgery or multiple surgeries in a given date range. You can even determine costs by surgery (eg; Cataracts) type.

Equipment Management

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software will flag you if a scheduling conflict arises. If you try and book a staff member to two or more procedures at the same time, you will be alerted that a scheduling conflict event has occurred.

Post Operative Reporting

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software includes a post operative component that allows you to record actual surgery time (by staff), actual inventory used, instruments used, equipment time, type of surgery, wound classification, diagnoses and notes. This then allows for post operative reporting including job cost reports, room utilization, surgeon efficiency reporting and more.

Surgeons Reports

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software reports include post operative, job cost, operating room utilization, surgeon utilization, surgeon efficiency, staff reporting, scheduler reports, inventory usage and movement, plus much more.

Forms And Templates Management

User defined forms and templates

MAX-OR operating room scheduling software includes a built in editor allowing you to create your own custom forms, letters and templates.